NTN Roller Bearings

Stainless steel NTN Roller Bearings are acknowledged for their application specific design and high performance. Roller based variant of these bearings is suitable to bear load associated with impact force and eccentric rotation of different components of heavy duty machines. A sealed spherical version of NTN Roller Bearings can easily integrate with different industrial equipment. These grease lubricated bearings are effective in maintaining the consistency of industrial machines. Low friction based tapered roller based version of these bearings can endure radial as well as the axial load of agricultural equipment, wind energy generation systems, etc.

Vibrating Screen Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearings with High-strength Cage EMA Type

Industrial machineries are typically used under extremely severe operating conditions (eccentric rotation and impact load, for example). ULTAGE series spherical roller bearings with a high-strength cage EMA type are our new standard series bearings developed to satisfy the needs of such heavy-duty machineries for improvements in long life, vibration resistance, and low temperature rise characteristics.

Key Features 

  • Load capacity of the worlds highest level
  • Maximizing the size and the number of the rollers achieved high load capacity and long life.
  • Extended maintenance intervals


Downsizing and light-weighting opportunities 

  • Basic dynamic load rating: max. 20% up (vs. our conventional bearing)
  • Long life: max. 2X (vs. our conventional bearing)


High strength cage 

  • Modifying its shape and incorporating staggered pockets increased cage strength.
  • Improved vibration resistance
  • Outer-ring-guided cage more resistant to vibration and eccentric rotation
  •  Special specification available for vibration screens
  • Cage strength: max. 55% up (vs. our conventional bearing)


Low heat-generation 

  • Optimizing internal bearing design including curvature reduced temperature rise.
  • Permitted rotational speed of the worlds highest level
  • Temperature rise: max. 10% down (vs. our conventional bearing)


Heat resistant up to 200 degree C

Being heat-treated by a special method, these bearings exhibit excellent dimensional stability at high temperatures, contributing to extended service life.


Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing

ULTAGE Series Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings (WA Type) are new innovative standard products specifically developed to provide longer service life, higher reliability and improved ease of use required for all industrial machineries.


The Industry highest load capacity: Both a high load capacity and a longer service life are achieved by adopting the internal design of EA type spherical roller bearing which has a significantly increased roller diameter and the maximum number of rollers guided with the window-type pressed steel cage.

Compact design with minimized volume of seals

Adopt the contact type dust-proof seal with minimized volume.


  • Prevent from intrusion of foreign matters with uniquely designed contact type rubber seals.
  • Secure the dust-proof capability by maintaining the constant contact pressure of seals even under aligned conditions.


Pre lubricated with a long-life grease as standard: Barings are pre lubricated with a long-life grease. No cleaning nor greasing are required when being mounted.

Oil groove and holes are adopted as standard: Adequate greasing into the inside of the bearing is secured with a lubrication groove and holes on the outside diameter of the outer ring


Needle Roller Bearings

We provide NTN Needle Roller Bearings having cylindrical rollers with relative length smaller than diameter. To prevent stress during peaks, the ends of the rollers have slightly modified the line of contact. Being a professional supplier, wholesaler, and importer in the domain, we deal with only the best brands of the market and thus have brought this NTN Needle Roller Bearings of NTN brand. Our warehouse is equipped with ready of this bearings, as a result, we can meet diverse requirement of the customers within committed time frame. Variety of the these roller bearing as per the operating condition and application. 

  • Exact bearing arrangements
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Extend bearing service life
  • Outstanding performance

The essential supplier of cam rollers and needle roller bearings


The leader in Japan for needle roller bearings and second worldwide on the industrial market, NTN is an expert in needle roller bearings.
  • Our products are used by thousands of original equipment manufacturers around the world. This is proof of our expertise, our ability to support you and to develop personalised solutions in response to the most challenging applications.
  • These bearings use small needle rollers, 6mm or less in diameter with a width 3 to 10 times diameter, as rolling elements. As such, they feature low cross-section height, high load capacity relative to dimensions, and high rigidity due to the number of elements, and are suited to wobbling or pivoting motion.




  • Diverse types of needle bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and tolerances, for a multitude of applications.
  • Needle roller and cage assemblies are offered in single or double row, solid or split cage, metric and inch sizes; as well as in connecting rod bearings for special applications.
  • Single and double row bearings are available with or without ribs, and with or without inner rings.
  • Thrust bearings are offered in single row roller and cage assemblies.
  • Yoke and stud type track rollers are also available.



Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

This type of bearings has tapered inner and outer ring raceways owing to which these are widely popular as NTN Tapered Roller Bearings. As a wholesaler, supplier, and importer, we make sure that our product renders high performance under critical operations. These bearings has been uniquely designed to withstand combined load, which includes axial load and radical load. Our team of engineers and technicians check the products on diverse parameters before serving the products to the clients. Further, each product is served with tamper-proof packaging to facilitate quick and easy transportation. 

  • Provide low friction
  • Increase contact base angle
  • Adjust against other tapered bearings
  • Corrosion resistant

 Why choose our tapered roller bearings?

Because of their strengths, NTN tapered roller bearings offer interesting opportunities in many markets, such as agriculture, rail, communications, steel, wind energy.

Safety: the commitment and experience of a premium brand

NTN plays a leading role in the bearing industry. Going beyond the design and production of bearings, we have been recognized for nearly 100 years for our ability to innovate. Uncompromising about the quality of our products, we closely monitor the manufacturing process at our production sites in Japan, France and the United States.

Choice: a complete range

Our offer contains more than 3000 references, in imperial and metric dimensions, covering the entire core range. In addition, our engineers also develop tapered roller bearings customised to the specific needs of your markets (wind energy, railway, agriculture).

Quality: high performance steel

We offer several types of steel for tapered roller bearings. Our standard? Carburizing steel, hard on the surface and ductile in the core to better absorb shocks and increase useful life. When used in arduous applications such as mines and quarries, we are able to achieve a 40% increase in service life thanks to this steel.

What is the major advantage of tapered bearings? 100% of the imperial range is made from carburizing steel.

Tapered roller bearings: specificities of the NTN range

Standard dimensions:


  • Metric: up to 850mm bore
  • Imperial: up to 1400mm bore
  • For specific applications our tapered roller bearings can measure up to 4m in diameter



1, 2 or 4 rows


  • In X or O configuration according to the loads applied
  • Convenient due to separable cup and cone


Steels and heat treatments:

Carburizing or carbonitriding to improve properties: surface hardness, dimensional stability, resistance to temperature changes through hardened steel

Some benchmarks of the range: 

  • T7FC and 303xxD: our two series with steep angles (angle  24 degree).
  • Particularly suitable for hydraulic pump and motor applications as well as pinion driveshafts for agricultural transmissions.


Prefixes and suffixes to take note of: 

  • Prefix 4T for carburized steel, adapted to extreme conditions. Available on almost all of the range
  • Suffix U for through hardened steel (NTN brand products)


Spherical Roller Bearings

We provide high performance NTN Spherical Roller Bearings that consists of two rows of rollers. This type of bearings are self-aligning and the alignment doesn't get disturbed with the misalignment of the shaft. Being a prominent supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of efficient NTN Spherical Roller Bearings that can easily withstand heavy radial loads. It can easily adjust with the changing load and speed rating. Our professionals are responsible workers who test the products on different parameters before serving it to the customers. Our product is available at competitive price.

  • Tight tolerance for dimensions
  • Assures optimal load distribution
  • High performance
  • Easy stress distribution

ULTAGE, a label for exceptional performance in all markets

Able to use the ULTAGE  label, NTN spherical roller bearings offer exceptional performance. By their design and their manufacturing process, they demonstrate reliability and are used as a benchmark on the following markets: 


  • Mining and quarrying as well as cement 
  • Steel Industry
  • Gearboxes
  • Wind Energy
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Rail Transport
  • Construction Machines: Construction of Roads, Graders.
  • Elevators: the Sealed series with the low noise option is perfectly suited to this application


Bearings that help your production


  • High-performance bearings
  • Load capacity increased by optimisation of the contact surfaces and the quality of steel,
  • Sheet metal cages that are processed to increase their resistance and allow better contact with the rollers,
  • Increased operating speeds with improved kinematics,
  • Dimensional stability up to 200degree C due to suitable thermal treatment.


Reduction in the LCC (Life Cycle Cost)


  • Improved kinematics results in a lowering of the bearing torque and lowers the operating temperature and power consumed.
  • The useful life is increased thanks to the exceptional endurance of ULTAGE bearings.
  • The intervals between maintenance periods are significantly lengthened. Less frequent maintenance operations significantly improve the usage rate of the equipment and therefore their productivity. 


Resistance to difficult environments


  • Shock and vibration: solid cages
  • High levels of vibration: EF800 range
  • Pollution: Sealed series. 


Cylindrical Roller Bearings

We provide NTN Cylindrical Roller Bearings are available with us in varied sizes and designs. Our professionalism and ethical standards have set a benchmark in the industry. These bearings are of high capacity and widely appreciated as multi-row bearing. High speed and quick accelerations are the prime factors of our NTN Cylindrical Roller Bearings owing to which these are widely demanded in the market. We are leading supplier, wholesaler, and importer of bearings in India and thus make sure to fulfill the client requirement within committed time frame. 

  • Ideal for heavy radial load at moderate speed
  • High load bearing capacity
  • High speed capability
  • Rugged construction

Cylindrical roller bearings (CRBs) are used in countless industrial applications, such as reduction gears for robots or rail machineries, gear motors for fixed machineries, gearboxes for mobile equipments and speed multipliers for wind turbines. Designed to support high radial loads, they can also withstand axial loads if they feature shoulders on their inner and outer rings.

Two categories are available:  

  • With a cage: high accelerations, high rotation speeds and high radial loads
  • Without a cage: the maximum quantity of rollers is used, and the supported loads are higher than CRBs with cages, however the rotation speed will be moderate


Focus on our range of cylindrical roller bearings:

Bearing types: 

  • Row: NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, NH, NJV, NFV
  • Rows: NNU, NN, SL
  • Rows: 4R


Dimensions: bore diameter from 20mm to 1250 mm for the standard range and beyond for tailor-made range

Why choose an NTN cylindrical roller bearing 

  • Premium brands: our cylindrical roller bearings are defined according the ultimate design rules and offer best-in class quality level.
  • Standard or tailor-made ranges: with just over 1,500 product references, our standard CRB range fulfils all your needs, while the bearings under ULTAGE label provide the highest level of performance and reliability. Our tailor-made range will meet all your specific needs. 
  • Optimized cages made of polyamide, steel or brass: depending on their properties (mechanical resistance, elasticity, high temperature resistance, speed ability), the cages improve the performance of cylindrical roller bearings. 

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