Bearing Unit

Cold rolled stainless steel made bearing units are useful to prevent displacement of movable components of the machine. These high strength self aligned units have fracture protected housing for the consistency of their microstructure. The housing of these units can be interchanged with any other NTN standard housings having ISO approval. These self aligned bearing units are reckoned for their integrity with high speed bearings, low noise generation, rust proof design, and minimal maintenance charge. Based on application type, these units can be availed with triple lip/contactless/flexible lip seal based design choices.

Self Aligning Bearing Unit

Self Aligning Bearing Unit is used to help position the moving parts of a machine. The bearing unit has got unmatched strength and resilience. it does not degrade in quality or become inferior in the long run due to friction, heat, and other unfavorable conditions. Self Aligning Bearing Unit can reduce frictional losses and noise to a great extent. Owing to its ruggedness and high build quality, we are seeing a huge demand for the bearing unit in the marketplace. Our customers can approach us to get the bearing unit at a reasonable price.

NTN self-aligning bearing units,


  • The range of NTN self-aligning bearing units is wide, with more than 40,000 possible combinations. It covers the majority of industrial applications, providing a high quality, value for money solution.  
  • Installing a self-aligning bearing unit is simple and easy to do for anyone, without the need to have specialist technical skills. Indeed, they are simply: housing + bearing insert.



Superior Housing Strength: Made of precision gas cut rolled steel, NTN steel housings offer superior strength characteristics when compared to cast iron and cast steel housings.

Consistent Microstructure: The rolled steel microstructure is more consistent than cast iron or cast steel, reducing the risk of housing fracture under severe conditions.

Interchangeability: Rolled steel housing dimensions are consistent with cast units, allowing them to be interchanged with NTN standard housings and other manufacturers ISO standard.

Self-aligning bearing units, a wide and varied range: Self-aligning bearing units are designed to be used in a wide range of applications and machines in the industrial market. The choice depends on the use, the installation and the operating conditions to which they are subjected: 

  • Speed, accuracy, cost effectiveness
  • Type and level of load, service temperature range
  • Installation, levels of cleanliness
  • Noise requirements, environmental pollution, degree of sealing
  • Anti-corrosion protection, compliance with standards 
  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Presence of condition monitoring system


To meet requirements, the bearings have special technical features: 

  • Designs: split or flanged Plummer block housings, take-up housings, cartridge bearing units and hanger bearing units.
  • Sizes: for shafts with diameters from 12mm to 140mm
  • Material: grey cast iron, stainless steel, pressed steel, thermoplastics
  • Locked onto the shaft by means of: setscrew, eccentric locking collar, adapter sleeve, press-fitting
  • Sealing system: lip seal, triple lip seal (L3), multiple seals (L4), contactless seal, flexible seal (ESR)
  • Lubricants: standard grease, high and low temperature grease (T20, T04), food grade grease, noise quiet grease, solid lubricant


Different Design & Type of Bearing Units 

  • Cast iron pillow block type
  • High-center pillow block type
  • Narrow pillow block type
  • Light pillow block type
  • Steel plate pillow block type
  • Square flange type
  • Square flange type with spigot joint
  • Round flange type
  • Round flange type with spigot joint
  • Rhombus flange type
  • Modified rhombus flange type
  • Modified flange type
  • Light rhombus flange type
  • Steel plate round flange type
  • Steel plate rhombus flange type
  • Take-up Units
  • Cartridge Units
  • Hanger Units



Bearing Inserts For Unit

Bearing Inserts For Unit are unmatched in terms of design and performance. These inserts are capable of enduring heavy loads, impacts, and shear forces. For this reason, the offered unit does not degrade in quality or performance in the long run. The sole purpose of the inserts is to reduce the losses occurred in a machine due to friction between the moving parts. Bearing Inserts For Unit are easy to install and maintain. These can be purchased from us at a reasonable price.

Bearing inserts have a spherical outer diameter. They are designed around the internal geometry of a single-row deep groove ball bearing, NTN uses the same steel balls and cage as used in the 62.63 deep groove ball bearing series. The housing has a matching spherical shaped seat in which the bearing insert sits, making it easy for them to be assembled together. NTN offers sealed, lubricated for life, bearing inserts for easy maintenance.

The products include those with a wide inner ring that is tightened to the shaft with screws having mounting balls at two locations, and those that have a tapered bore caliber surface and are mounted on the shaft using an adapter. There are also products using the off - center collar method in which the inner ring is fixed on the shaft by means of an off - center groove on the inner groove and an off - center groove on the collar, and those in which the inner ring is mounted on the shaft through interference between the inner ring and shaft, as in the deep groove ball bearing products.

The self-aligning ability, in all directions, of the bearing inserts can compensate for any slight static mis-alignment of the shaft.  The various fixing methods on the extended inner ring provide very simple mounting on to the shaft. 

Set screw type

NTN's unique ball-point set screws for select bearing units reliably lock the bearing units to the shaft even when they are subjected to vibration or impact loads.

Adapter type

  • The adapter type bearing unit can be reliably secured to the shaft even when it is subjected to impact loads and vibrations.
  • Under any operating conditions, this bearing unit can be used on a straight shaft whose fit grade is as poor as h9. Remember, however, this bearing unit must not be used on a shaft that is subjected to great axial load.


Eccentric locking collar type

When installing the eccentric collar type bearing unit, tighten the eccentric collar by turning it in the shaft rotating direction to secure the shaft to the inner ring. As a result, the shaft is reliably coupled with the inner ring and virtually no deformation occurs to the inner ring of the bearing. However, this bearing unit is not recommended for the machines which can run forward and backward, since the eccentric collar can loosen.

Tight fit type

  • The raceway ring can be supported with equal load over the entire circumference by providing an interference margin between the bearing inner diameter and the shaft fitting surface.
  • It has advantage of maintaining the bearing load capacity and hardly generating vibration,
  • On the other hand, this type may ruin the easiness of mounting and dismounting the bearing.
  • In addition, inappropriate fitting may result in bearing breakage or short life, so it is necessary to examine the selection thoroughly.


SS Bearing Inserts for Bearing Units

This Series is a premium line of corrosion-resistant products developed for the harsh, caustic conditions and safety requirements of the food and beverage industry. With a product offering that include stainless deep groove ball bearings, bearing inserts, and mounted units and numerous combinations of housings, protective covers, grease, and sealing options available, Sentinel Series provides a family of food and beverage market solutions to improve overall equipment effectiveness, increase production, and provide value.


  • Food Safe Grease High safety, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene-based food machinery lubricant grease. Solid Grease is a category H1 lubricant (food-grade lubricants used in environments where there is some possibility of incidental food contact)
  • Reduced lubricant leakage Solid Grease heat-solidifies to retain large volumes of internal lubricant. Solid Grease is fed steadily onto the rotating surfaces by the heat and centrifugal force of the bearings. In comparison to general-purpose lubricant greases, there is minimal lubricant leakage, preventing contamination of the ambient environment. This lubricant grease is ideally suited to ambient-temperature food and packing machinery applications.
  • Excellent lubrication Solid Grease is resistant to leakage even when bearings are subjected to high vibration and centrifugal force. The solid lubricant is also less prone to emulsification and leakage due to water penetration, exhibiting excellent lubrication in comparison to general-purpose lubricant greases


Application examples

Suitable for extremely moist or dusty environments, such as bread/confectionery machinery, noodle machines, fish-processing machines, flour milling machines, rice/ wheat milling machines, beverage processing machines, brewing equipment, and bottle making machines, etc.


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