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Supplier and distributor of Bearing Unit, Bearing Inserts, Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing, Industrial Self Aligning Ball Bearings, NTN Drivetrain Service Kit, and other products, Barewell Traders was founded in 1984. The products we provide are made following industry standards. They have a long lifespan, dimensional stability, high strength, ability to perform effectively, and corrosion resistance. These items are incredibly popular with customers since they are easy to maintain, strong, and long-lasting. Our items are made at our vendors' facilities using the best and most recent techniques. We have put together a team of subject matter experts with years of experience to accomplish our goals promptly and effectively. 

Our Partner- NTN CO

NTN is a maker of precision machines that conducts research, produces, markets and develops bearings and driveshafts. It celebrated its 100th birthday in 2018. Bearings, one of its core offerings, are crucial and precise parts that sustain machine rotation. To sustain people's lives, the products are utilized in various machines, such as cars, rolling stock, wind turbines and others.

Countermeasures for Counterfeit Bearings

Most suppliers, end users and traders who acquire counterfeit bearings think they have obtained genuine goods. Because they lack technical knowledge, they will find it nearly hard to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine products at the delivery time. Customers are, therefore, totally dependent on their supply chains to implement the appropriate quality control processes to prevent the delivery of fake bearings.

Due to their widespread use, bearings are a popular target for counterfeiters. By imitating a well-known manufacturer's name, they can significantly increase the perceived worth of their product and, consequently, their selling price.

One might imagine that since bearings are handled daily, a fake would be simple to recognize by a skilled eye. But even the most seasoned among us may be easily duped by the good duplicates.

The risks and potential for buyers to purchase bearings from unreliable sources have increased as the internet has grown. The user is put at great risk by counterfeiting. The main justification for purchasing a genuine bearing is safety. While copycat manufacturers are good, their capacity to duplicate the sophisticated metal technology, finishing and lubrication in real bearings is limited. A bad bearing might have disastrous effects.

The risk to the buyer of the counterfeit bearing has a variety of penalties of its own. Quality will be at the core of every equipment, leaving the workshop as a dependable service provider. The business's reputation can be damaged when a false bearing is used. The product may be said that it is cost-effective because it uses low-quality items. Worst case scenario, it may result in claims for losses or injuries brought on by failure. As a result, becoming familiar with counterfeit bearing detection is highly advantageous.

3 Arguments for Selecting Our Bearings

  • False bearings put people's and products' lives in danger and compromise safety.
  • False bearings do not meet expectations for quality. They are more likely to malfunction, harm the equipment, and reduce lifespan.
  • As a result of the Machine needing repairs or replacement more frequently, the associated expenditures, workload and expenses would grow markedly. False bearings may malfunction, resulting in a reduction in output and profit.

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